Moreno ITF Spices Things Up With “Berkin”


The Bronx’s own Moreno ITF spices things up with this music video for “Berkin”. Being born in the Dominican, Moreno ITF is a perfect example of the melting pot culture that makes New York such a unique place. While I can’t understand most of what this song is saying, I don’t have to. The energy he gives us just lets you vibe out to it and you can hear the Dominican and New York sound coming together to harmonize and represent who Moreno ITF is.

If you like New York drill you’ll like this song, if you like Latin music you’ll love this song. Being completely himself I see this sound but specifically his becoming something huge. And as if the song wasn’t enough, the video directed by DNY Lugo captures everything the song has to offer. Showcasing this party, this track is meant to be played at every party for the rest of the summer. Moreno ITF is here to stay and make an impact.


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