MSFTSRep Artist dylAn Unveils New EP “The LoFi Tape”


Jaden Smith’s imprint MSFTSRep is more than just an entity for dope music releases. It’s a collective of artists that seem to be making strides for a better world, and it all starts with creativity. One artist and member of this movement that is is putting that on full display is dylAn. In preparation for his upcoming full length outing, Woodland Hills, dylAn delivers us a sneak peek into his mind on a new five track EP, The LoFi Tape. With soothing production and finely tuned deliveries, this latest drop comes as an open-ended introduction into what this young artist is capable of. He touches on several subjects that are all relatable yet deep in their sense of grandeur. It’s truly a pleasant preview of what’s to come from dylAn and hopefully MSFTS as a whole. Check it out below and stay tuned for when Woodland Hills drops November 16th.



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