Natenumbaeight Shines With Pristine Brilliance On Our Latest Chiefers Exclusive “Reverse”


So they’re gonna say, “fatty how are you gonna make the beat and write the article on the exclusive yourself”. Because bitch I’m an editor of this wondrous publication and we can do what we want. Journalism isn’t as fun as making beats and I’m no Anderson Cooper, so we will head elsewhere.

I guess you probably want to find out how this came about. There I am, stoned pressing buttons and this fell into place. Hit the bro Nate with this beat and he sent it back hella fast and boom there we are. Nothing is real, you can do whatever you want and Natenumbaeight is one of my favorite rappers right now. He floats with a blend of humor and cadences that will cause you to burn your Logic vinyls. Shout to splice for the loop, because I know you dweebs were gonna say something. Maybe Nate and I will make a project in the near future, but until then, stream the gas below.


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