NateNumbaEight Shows His Eccentricity on his new Project “800 DegreeohhS 2: Trip 2 Hell”


This is a project that shows NateNumbaEight in his most unfiltered I’ve ever heard. The charisma and character he brings to each song are unmatched on 800 DegreeohhS 2: Trip 2 HellThe project starts with two records with heavily auto-tuned vocals, where Nate seems to be riffing bars off in an intoxicating manner. 

However, what has me intrigued are the cuts like “Susie”, “Turbulence”, and “Deserve”. This is where we find Nate co-opting the growing style of the Michigan scene. With the overblown production combined with the outrageous lyricism and semi-out of pocket flows, they make for some of the most fun records on the project. Give it a listen below!


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