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Neighbors – The Neighbors [EP Stream]

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The Neighbors drop off their self-titled EP.

The chemistry between artist and producer is arguably the most important relationship in all of music, and that’s why we often see artists and producers latch onto each other, crafting a sound all their own and letting the lines between friendship and music blur into something entirely it’s own, a dynamic that can’t really be put into words or defined. It’s that special, intangible aspect of music that makes it so great when you find it, because you can tell the depth that comes with it.

That rings true with the new, self-titled project from the Maryland duo known as Neighbors, comprised of rapper Gnarly Thomas and producer 3astman, who actually are neighbors. With 3astman’s head-bobbing, feel-good beats acting as the canvas, Gnarly’s honest lyrics prove to paint relatable shades for listeners as he touches on all the stressful things life can throw at us. Rounded out by some dope features by Fabrizio (piano on “Getting By”), syl, Brownman and Brick, the project pieces together nicely as a solid debut from a budding duo that’s just getting started finding their sound.

Listen below and enjoy!


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