New Jersey’s Reg Mason is set to release “HANDSHAKES'” (ft. GINI)


With a sound that immediately feels like your home away from home, Reg Mason comes in on “HANDSHAKES’” with nothing to lose.

Hailing from New Jersey, Reg‘s sound on this one feels like a Griselda record with a whole lot more fun to it. GINI‘s distinct voice also brought me in and held my attention within the first three seconds and kept strong until that groovy ass jazz break. I mean, what a way to finish it off. I seriously can’t name a time where a (mostly) drum-less song has hit this hard on its first listen.

With Reg‘s debut album TESTDRIVE, set to release August 2nd, I can only assume this sound will continue to be as polished as this track feels. I highly recommend checking this one out right now.



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