New York City Collective thebaremax Deliver Their Impressive New Project, “Pulp”


Music discovery still matters, and it always will. Working in the industry, especially for a publication like this, people are sending us music and different types of artists, all of the time and on average, that’s how we come across a lot of the artists you see posted. Though, there’s nothing like discovering an artists on your own by actually digging through your submissions, accidentally letting Audiomack play for too long or any of the other ways you stumble upon greatness. For me, it was actually paying attention to a DM on Twitter, as I came across a group of lyricists rhyming their asses off. Hailing from New York City, thebaremax unleashes their engaging new group project, Pulp.

Relying heavily on soulful production, pristine lyricism and a whole lot of swagger, Pulp is a solid buffet board of the different styles provided in the collective. Comprised of 5 members (Bert Knox, lamuse, 5dgirl, yeahCALEB and GLENWORLDTOUR), the group spends most of the project breaking off into sub-groups, efficiently highlighting everybody’s strengths. For lamuse and Bert Knox, that strength his without a doubt their ability to write substantial bars, and spit them at a rapid rate. Highlighted on the project’s standout track, “While You’re Matter,” the duo are the heart and soul of thebaremax, setting themselves up at the catalysts for energy on the rest of the project.

Although all 5 members make solo music, thebaremax is definitely stronger in numbers. With collectives sort of dying off in Hip-Hop, all we can hope is this group stays together just a little longer. Check out Pulp, below and get familiar with thebaremax.


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