New York’s Young Prodigy, BK Rockstar, Solidifies His Importance With HUGE New Single, “Demon Girl”


When it comes to Hip-Hop, it’s no question that the New York sound is one of massive importance across the globe. Long Island, New York’s newest and youngest Rap sensation, BK Rockstar, proves this to be true on his new energetic and upbeat single, “Demon Girl.”

After teaming up with Internet Money Records producer, Jug, the 17-year-old prodigy who reported only starting to rap this past February 2020, delivered an impressive household single with raging energy comparable to Travis Scott and an incredibly catchy melodic overtone comparable to Juice WRLD. According to Jug:

BK Rockstar is a very talented artist. He has a ton of energy within his music that is incredibly unique to him. Being so young, I think if he continues to develop himself he definitely has the potential to go extremely far in this industry.

Previously known as Rslime, it is no coincidence that BK Rockstar was invited to work with JugInternet Money has kept a keen eye on BK Rockstar for a short minute. After only first discovering him on an Internet Money A&R live stream within the last couple of months, Josh Hall, A&R at Internet Money Records, knew he had just stumbled upon something special:

The first time I heard Demon Girl it was the first song in my email submissions for our Internet Money live stream. I knew the kid had serious potential after seeing how everybody react to it in the comments.

With an incredible fan response from the Internet Money live stream, BK Rockstar grabbed the attention of many other artists and producers, including multi-platinum award-winning Producer Nick Mira who reported sharing his direct contact information with BK Rockstar, giving him a chance to showcase his talent. Hopefully, we will be hearing some hits from them soon…

If you haven’t heard the name BK Rockstar before now, prepare to get used to it. We have a good feeling that he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Listen to “Demon Girl” on streaming services here, or SoundCloud down below.


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