Listen To Chris Webby’s New Project “Next Wednesday” ASAP


In the industry today many artists try to bite flows and steal sounds. Chris Webby has chosen to not conform to the latest trend and instead has stuck to adding versatility to his flow. This is demonstrated in his new album Next Wednesday where Webby demonstrates an advanced ability to switch flows and build hooks making the CT rapper sound similar to a modern day Eminem. Webby even draws multiple comparisons to Slim and shouts him out periodically throughout the tape. The emcee connects with Jarren Benton, ANoyd, Skrizzly Adams, Nems, and much more on the project. “Next Wednesday” is something you can smoke too or just put on and contemplate life. Every song has a certain edge to it that helps move the message to the listener and transfer the energy that Webby put into each track. Webby has come a long way from being the CT stand out and now has all the resources to take his game to next level with this new tape so check it out below while it is still hot.


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