Nippa Releases Festive Visuals for New Single, “Pay The Price”


Nippa is a unique artist out of North London whose musicality has been molded through his mother’s R&B collection and interest in local grime artists. His last song titled, “Situation” made a huge splash in the UK scene, amassing over 100k views on Youtube and 100k+ streams on Spotify since it’s late September release. Nippa has returned with a music video, “Pay The Price” off of his new EP titled, Nippa. The Faces and JRX made video begins with a Facetime call between Nippa and Grammy award winning producer Boi-1da. Boi-1da can be heard on this call joyfully exclaiming that Nippa is “The hottest in the streets right now”. This is major as Boi-1da has worked with the likes of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and more. The visuals are the epitome of a good time, as Nippa can either be seen at one of his performances, chilling outside with his boys or dancing at a packed house party. 

In terms of the song itself, the production consists of a woozy 90’s sample from the iconic Timbaland produced and Aliyah sung track, “Are You That Somebody”. The sample is covered in reverb and slowed down, highlighted by pounding 808’s. Additionally, Nippa can be heard displaying multiple flows on this track, projecting a strong R&B voice that is later accompanied by sick rap flows. This song is already an anthem in Toronto and I wouldn’t be suprised if it crossed over to the U.S pretty soon. Check out the video for Nippa‘s “Pay The Price” below. 


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