Noah Jack’s “FACELIFT” is Contagious


Noah Jack is a star in the making, and with “FACELIFT” it’s solidified! This track is irresistible in every sense of the word. I’ve been captivated upon first listen to the single. The booming bass and plucked guitar make for the perfect soundscape for a 2021 hip-hop/pop banger. Noah over-delivers with these sweet harmonic lines that are incredibly sticky. I’ve been singing “Tamagachi, you only take me out when you want me” for the past two days. 

The vocals’ slight auto-tune gives it a sleek edge and keeps the song from feeling cookie cutter. This being only Noah‘s second release and we’re in anticipation of what is to come. This is a powerful track that I suggest everyone take a listen to because he has something special, peep the gas below.


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