North Carolina’s Sleepy Dog Gifts The World With Their Diverse Album, “Amor Fati”


This may be a prominent rap publication, but there are times when our pallets need to be refreshed with different genres. Sleepy Dog is a wildly talented band based out of Boone, North Carolina and their album Amor Fati is something to be cherished for years to come. Xavier Hall is their lead singer and his smokey tones bleed over these pleasing rifts of the guitar. There are many times when Hall crosses the lines of genres blending hip-hop cadences atop grimy rock drums. Though, some of this is an experimental sound, psychedelic rock brims through these tracks.

Waves like “Fallen Bees” are a deep look into the ups and downs of true heartache. A personal favorite “Two Stars, Patiently Waiting” is an intoxicating and untamed concoction of emotion. The driving drums push the guitars to shred an unforgettable tune in our minds throughout most of these twelve cuts. This is a rock album that a rap fan will love because it’s easy to transition with the tempo, especially with the instrumental interlude “Dealer And The Dog” featuring Sleepdealer. Overall, I see a great deal of talent in these guys and it’s so early into their careers. There’s an unequivocal energy in rock music and Sleepy Dog has just brightened up the scene. Stream this album in its entirety below.


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