NYC Has Another Heater With Rocko Ballin’s New Video For “Mob”


Rocko Ballin is fresh out of NYC and his melodic approach to New York’s drill scene is unique to say the very least. Tapping in with rising maestro A Lau, we hear Ballin showcase a variety of waves that are smooth and rugged in the same light. Surrounded by his friends and with some smoke in the backdrop, these shots aren’t high budget, but they get the job done none the less.

It’s wild to see so many different artists attack this style of production, but the world dictates what’s going to be hot. Rocko is different, showing the other side of the coin as to what you can do in modern drill. These frames were directed by Hollywood Ju and they paint the darkness in an enticing light. Ballin‘s chorus will be stuck in your head all day and into next week. This one is going to take over, peep the gas below.


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