NYC’s fourfive is Proving He Will be a Force to be Reckoned with All 2022


New York City’s scene has been heating back up over the last year as many new faces have made themselves relevant in the packed ranks of NYC rappers and the scene has seen a total resurgence in relevance and enjoyability from notable underground figures and collectives to the drill sound that has gone completely mainstream at this point and spits out new artists on a weekly basis. In the midst of the masses of new music and chaotic scene politics, one new artist that has caught my attention is fourfive whose visual creativity and energetic, charismatic demeanor combines to make him one of the most intriguing artists climbing up the underground space. In addition to making music, fourfive is also an integral member of the New York City Gun Club clothing brand’s team, only furthering his personal artistic sensibilities in my eyes, and it shows in his music. He came together with Will Bloom to create the visual to his latest track “Private” which is a wild ride from start to finish and Bloom’s video matched the vigor and flashiness of this new release. The duo of Sham and T99 collaborated on the frenetic production that set an ideal backdrop for fourfive to skate all over the instrumental with his staccato delivery. I am very eager to see where fourfive goes from here and am sure that we will be treated to many more videos similar to this over the course of the rest of 2022.


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