NYC’s Nöel Returns With His Soon To Be Smash “Swish”


The reason I go out of my way to find wondrous music is because it brings an infinite amount of joy to my days. Encountering a song, let alone a consistent artist that impresses your ear to the point you want to tell your friends about it is truly a wild feeling. I’m speaking about New York City’s Nöel, who has been crooning and writing some stellar work, inciting our ears with every drop.

Yes, this is the melodic-era, where no one remembers lyrics, in which the tune is the driving force. But instead of following the norm, this guy can actually sing without pitch-correction and he pens some beautiful tracks to brighten your day. “Swish” has the potential to propel Nöel to new heights, even though he’s been vastly overlooked. This upbeat opus is produced by Alpha Douglas, and is damn near the perfect backdrop to these angelic vocals.

We hear a great deal of talent I’m excited to see what’s next for Nöel. With faith in him and his music we’d like for you to delve either on Audiomack or in the link below. Enjoy the waves now, this kid is onto something.


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