OG Maco Sheds Light on the Current Drug Culture within Hip-Hop



OG Maco: “Future Has Destroyed Countless Lives by Making It Cool to be a Drug Addict.”

This is the headline that most major publications chose to title their article when the trending topic of OG Maco’s recent statements hit the Internet. While most seem to want this to be some sort of “beef,” it is beyond defamatory and just flat out dumb to be honest.

When in reality, if you follow OG Maco’s Twitter, it’s nothing but positive vibes and good insight. To be honest, he’s probably someone you could actually talk to about relativity (Einstein’s theory of Gravity)  and stars — and shit like that — with. He’s extremely intelligent.

Anyways, a few days back, OG Maco took to his Twitter handle to vent about a few issues that seemed to bother him, speaking on drugs, Future, substance in music and much more.

OG Maco sent out the following tweets:

OG Maco also went on to speak about songs such as “No Mo,” and a bunch of other topics you can find here. What may look controversial on the surface, if you look deep down into it, he’s actually on to something. I wish some people would just stop being so fuckin’ retarded and just open your damn eyes. But that’s life, I guess. Rock on, Maco. We see you.



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