Ohio Phenom RoadRunner TB Drops Off His Debut Mixtape Entitled “Mind Of The Blender”


Roadrunner TB‘s name rings throughout the city of Cincinnati and in the past 12 months he’s been laying the ground work for a solid career. The incredibly authentic vocal approach he utilizes to describe his journey connects the streets to his sound. He’s not fleeing from telling his story even if the honesty is too brutal for some to comprehend. There hasn’t been a name from Cincy with this much promise in a minute and even then, the energy just wouldn’t be the same.

In just eleven cuts, Mind Of The Blender is beautiful chaos with each wave showing a strong separate shade of his repertoire. “Grow” starts things off with Detroit-infused production provided by Silk Bezzle, that TB seems to thrive on. You can hear an unbridled hunger that a lot of other artists lose after making a few racks in the business. Cuts like “Chicken Man” and “April Fools” with Roadrunner Savy are arrogant and boisterous in the best ways. “Extras” produced by Rackz is a personal favorite, but so is “Streets Weep” because it showed TB’s melodic style and his love for his family. With additional production from Rico, Bass Thumpin, Jamp, JK Beats, Nito Beats, M80, Jai, EVRGN and Young Tingz, you won’t be disappointed in any song’s beat selection from this prolific compilation.

Savy adds another rugged element to this project with his three guest verses, along with joining in on the brilliantly brash attitude as well. This duo does a fantastic job of storytelling without boring you to fucking death. It’s intriguing to hear how they’ve turned their situation on it’s head and made some plays in what often seems to be most rapper’s worst nightmare. Ohio has an abundance of talent, but only the strongest emerge from the states boarders, you truly have to be great to make it out of here. Both of the Roadrunners are very young, but move like veterans with purpose in this game. Until the next wave, peep Mind Of The Blender below.


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