One Week Later: Kalan.FrFr’s “Leak The Tape”


For the last year or so, Los Angeles native Kalan.FrFr has been one of the more intriguing prospects to surface from the burgeoning LA renaissance currently taking place. Finding his second life after a stint on San Diego State’s football team, he’s carved a solid fanbase behind his infectious sing-rap style, culminating with the remix of his breakout single, “Right Wit It,” which included a guest-verse from YG. After amassing critical acclaim and fan approval from his previous releases, he doubles down and puts the game on notice with his new project, Leak The Tape.

Immediately, just from reading the title, it would be easy to assume that Leak The Tape is just a collection of loosies that Kalan’s label allowed him to, “leak.” Wrong. Instead, the mixtape is a 12-track exploration of the different, and unique styles that make the So Cal native so fascinating. There’s, “Pop That,” an uber-catchy single that highlights Kalan’s knack for keen melodies and crafting hooks that can be repeated over and over again. There’s, “Cuckoo” an endearing record that showcases Kalan‘s storytelling a bit more in an incredibly infectious way, and then there’s, “Big Check,” the 2-minute lyrical assault that exhibits his ability to completely morph into a viable rapper, shifting through cadences and clever one-liners like new pairs of white Air Force 1’s.

Still, despite the buffet of different styles, Kalan proves again where his money is on the standout tracks, “Arch It Back,” and “Giddy Up.” The former, a potential strip club staple, is a bonafide hit single. Crooning steamy lyrics about Rhino pills and sex positions over bouncy production, “Arch It Back” is without a doubt the resident banger on the project. The latter, a more calculated and motive-driven record, serves as the project’s bedroom anthem. This is where Kalan solidifies himself as a vocalist, hitting multiple octaves and staying pact in that specific melodic pocket, making for arguably the best record on the whole project.

In a world where co-signs are everything, perhaps the most impressive part of Leak The Tape has to be that there are zero features. Instead of repeating the same formula as he did with “Right Wit It,” or calling on his similarly buzzing group of friends, Kalan takes these 12-tracks to highlight himself as an artist, solely. In doing this, he’s sure to amass even more fans than before–and this time they won’t be here for YG or anybody else but Kalan.

Take a listen to Leak The Tape below, and get ready to hop on the bandwagon now, before it’s too full.


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