One Week Later: Shoreline Mafia’s Christmas EP “OTXmas” Is A Clutch Score In The 4th Quarter Of 2018


Shoreline Mafia has exploded onto the scene in the past year while conquering the West coast and expanding to international fame. Yes, there is still a very long way to go for these guys, but their style is carrying the torch sparked by names like Suga Free and DJ Quik. Not only is their choice of production very bass-boosted, but the bounce that comes together when the percussion hits is purely a Californian product.

If you’re not familiar with Shoreline, the team consists of OhGeesy, Fenix Flexin, Master Kato and Rob Vicious. Each member provides a unique addition to the group, and this EP is really balanced from every angle. There is a distinct style that these guys usually stick to, but these four as a whole want to win together and are open creatively. It’s great to see both Kato and Rob’s solo songs solidify them as well respected artists on a huge release like OTXmas.

“Ride Around” was released as a single a few weeks back, but it’s truly a hard glimpse into what Kato can do. Kato creeps over grim production with eerie synths painting the backdrop. He stays in the pocket, paving a lane with the cadence at his own pace. This is a diverse twist on the traditional LA sound but it doesn’t lose an ounce of energy.

“Pistol Love” by Rob Vicious is sure to make any function go crazy with very reminiscent production style from the Flocka era. Rob spits in a sporadic manner, leaving it all on the field for the world to see. This is the most unhinged, energetic cut on this project, gifting listeners with another shade of the Shore. You can hear the passion in his voice and it’s a wild, different direction from what OhGeesy And Fenix bring in.

Of course, Geesy and Fenix are at the forefront of the group with their star power, but their loyalty to each other makes you root for Shoreline. With these projects it has to be an easy cohesive effort, or else the fans will feel that it’s forced. On cuts like “Moving Work” and “Molly Water” both of these guys showcase their calm, confident wave that has amassed so many followers. OhGeesy drops off a smooth delivery with every verse or chorus and Fenix always follows to finish the job. With a love for a variety of different substances, the intoxicating elements add an honest reality to the Mafia’s lifestyle. These narcotics have helped shape the sound that we have come to know and love, and it’s evident in each of these eight cuts.

Shoreline Mafia will continue to cement their legacy in Hip-Hop where their predecessors left off. Each member adds a certain level of zest to each song or performance and as one member grows, the team grows as well. OTXmas is an untamed, emphatic project that just so happened to come out around Christmas, but you’ll have this in your streams for a while after the holidays. Enjoy the waves and stream this rowdy EP below.


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