Orlando’s Own Lonny Releases The Acid-Directed LP, “Distorted Cadence”


Orlando is always brewing talent that seems to emerge from the deep south and today Lonny takes that crown. His acid-induced LP, Distorted Cadence was as you can tell, recorded all on acid. Lonny elevates his mind and ours with production that brings a certain euphoria to your ears, simplistic yet inventive. The ten-song LP takes you on a trip into Lonny’s mind as he was experiencing with this drug and making a coherent project. I’m sure Lonny was very satisfied at the end of this journey and what came out of it. It’s a breath of fresh air and a very unorthodox approach but works at the same time.

Another fun fact, the creative director behind this project was a man named Sub (@goodwithsub) who also took acid and created the visuals for Distorted Cadence. It was all in or nothing and I respect that from a musical creative perspective. Do yourself a favor and dive in to Lonny’s new LP, Distorted Cadence and form your own opinion of the project.


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