p4rkr’s “drive-by lullabies” is an Exhilarating Sonic Ride


This p4rkr project is a real treat for hyper pop fans, equipped with 14 mind-blowing tracks. drive-by lullabies is the latest full-length effort by p4rkr and it is an electronic wonderland, having EDM inspired instrumentation alongside alternative rock vocals. There is even a dubstep style beat on track 13, “and now a word from our sponsors!” and a traditional Hip-hop style song with a looped sample on track 9.

The whole project has a sad but relatable tone for many, with the fifth track on the album being an interlude of two people who are heard arguing. Heard in the distance, under the subtle sounds of rain, a voice explains the importance of family upon the discovery of depression. The speaker on the track then went on to say that depression should be treated as an illness rather than a “condition of mind kind” to help people who are struggling get better.

The rest of the project speaks on heartbreak over bells and high-pitched autotune that made p4rkr’s voice sound different numerous times, which is something that I thought was pretty refreshing. My favorite song off the project is  “Silly” because it is a very chill track that you can just sit back and vibe or deep think to. This album is like the peak of a psychedelic trip, full of alarming sounds that are juxtaposed with smooth synths and guitar instrumentals. Check out p4rkr’s new album below.


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