Papichuloteej Collabs With Overcast In New Video “Boyfriend”


We all know summer is right around the corner and that means the fellas are starting to act up. There’s no surprise when I say Papichuloteej is running with his name and giving the boys a head start with his new track “boyfriend”. 

Complemented with a video directed and shot by Overcast, “boyfriend” has the potential to be an anthem for all the players this summer. The video focuses on a CD/cassette player that Teej carries around. He takes every opportunity he can to show his love interest whatever’s on that sparkly CD of his. By the end of the video Teej shares dinner with his lover’s parents who seem to like him way more than the competing current boyfriend.

Papichuloteej sings “girl you say you love me, then why don’t you just leave him” in the hook, and spits “I got caught up in a mess, love something I can’t have” in the first verse making the audience sure that Teej knows he’s playing with fire. Something us boys know not to do. “boyfriend” is more a fun song to listen to with your windows down, it’s a jam that’ll make you fall in love with the girl you can’t have or play the game how it’s meant to be played. Watch Papichuloteej do his thing in “boyfriend” and make sure you drink some water, Tuesday was rough for us all. 


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