Paul White – Rapping With Paul White [album]


This is a project that stayed under the radar, but could be one of the more interesting underground releases of the past few years. The real surprise is that a few heavyweights having a big year in 2012, like Danny Brown and Homeboy Sandman, are featured artists on two of the tracks. Making it even better is that Boy Sand’s Stones Throw cohort Guilty Simpson also jumps on a track. When I asked Sandman how he got in on this project he replied,

“Paul White’s manager, Alex Chase, is one of the most knows [of] what’s really cooking in all of the UK. He put me on and I’m very glad he did. Paul is a genius.”

It’s not everyday you see a lyrical genius shouting out another of his kind, but after a few spins I have to agree this is a smart project with enough ingredients to keep you hitting replay.

If that isn’t enough for you, this past month Henry Keen aka The Room Below did a full electronic cover of the album, which takes inspiration from the essence of the original songs, and recreates it via drum machines, synths and written interludes. As the description boasts, “it’s a heavy analogue electronics rap record with not a sample in sight.” Worth check it out here.


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