Paulade “As Day Goes By” Is Timeless In Both Nature And Love.


Paulade’s warm, saccharine cooing at the beginning of “As Days Goes By” mirrors the composition of the famous painting by Field Of Poppies, Gustav KlimtConcurrently, propulsive drums and blotched subdued chords zag across the edges of the garden, filling out the space and providing the setting for the coos to return.


All those elements complement the piece’s focal point, his songwriting. Once the surgery coos return, it leads you to the opening line, “so far behind our love feels like nostalgia.” It brings comfort to his obsession with the question, “am I worthy of such love” it is never asked but is heavily implied. That comfort his partner pours into him, “I’m so glad I found you.”, glosses over his perceived flaws. This garden and the love he feels both share the same aptitude of being timeless, as nostalgia acts as the pillar of being never-ending.



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