Peep Why You Can’t Mess with Youngboy In the New Year


It is becoming more and more difficult for an artist to differentiate themselves from the rest. With thousands of rappers claiming they “bout that life,” the question then becomes who are we to believe?  Nowadays, when the tracks are made and the music is put out it is only half a day’s work for an artist.

Due to social media, the story of an artist could be the make or break point for them. Throughout last year, we have seen countless attempts to expose rappers as well as their believed gangster to help bring to light the real from the fake. For some reason, NBA Youngboy has been tested numerous times. Whether it be at his shows, on the street, or on social media, the Louisiana lyricist is challenged more than anyone. His 2018 made him a star, and one would think the rapper’s insane work ethic and talent would be able to speak for itself, but rather he has been put in the hot seat. Time and time again he has not backed down and put on for his brand. He prevails to continue to prove his gangster in his brand new video for his song “Kick Yo Door.” Throughout the piece, Youngboy and his crew rap about how they are not the ones to mess with, and demonstrate by hitting various licks. Watch out as he continues to reach his potential in the months to come.


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