Phoelix – TEMPO [Album Stream]



Not many artists can pull off dropping an 18 track project without having a large established fan base. It takes a true sound that creates an ease of listening and with the new full length release, TEMPO, Phoelix has figured it out. From the very moment you start with the intro track ‘Due Time’ the mood is set. Although the project is very deep with almost an hour of material it passes by in a breeze as Phoelix takes you through peaks and valleys without ever jerking you from one emotion to the other too quickly. It’s a solid body of work that features a cohesive sound and some well meshed features including the likes of the buzzing Smino. If Phoelix has managed to escape your radar up until this point, say goodbye to those days. Having already collaborated with names such as Noname, Saba, and more the Fox Valley, Illinois native is guaranteed to only keep expanding his sound and making bigger waves. Be sure not to miss out on ‘TEMPO’ below.



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