Pierre Bourne Shot This Music Video “4U”


Being an artist is more than just rapping over wavy production. A true artist can bring their ideas to life. Producer/songwriter Pi’erre Bourne damn near perfected the craft of artistry, and it shows in his latest music video for “4U” directed by Hidji World.

The self-produced track showcases Pi’erre’s songwriting ability with some cunning bars, “Baby girl, I’m a Playstation, let me console you,” is just one of the many captivating bars. The video shares an equally creative fee, switching between Pi’erre vibing with a lover and himself spending time alone. Overall, the video creates a nice nostalgic feel that personally keeps me entertained. Don’t sleep on Pi’erre Bourne. Watch “4U” and if you’re feeling extra, let me know how you think about the song.



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