Premiere: Asphate – Silence’s Slight [Video]


Not far off from Chicago’s vibrant Hip-Hop scene is the unsuspecting locale of Des Moines, Iowa. A place often improperly mistaken for being culturally devoid when it comes to art and music, but Maxilla Blue emcee Asphate has been on a mission to raise awareness of what the growing city has to offer. His hands on approach is focused on Hip-Hop’s cornerstones of street art and break dancing, but he really shines on the mic over beat craftsmanship from label mate Maker. The combination is undeniably fresh, while being sure to add key throwback accents that enact vibes of astute rap scholarship and hungry levels of creativity. On the debut track/visual for his upcoming LP Closed Doors to An Open Mind due out on March 31st, Asphate dips into a dramatic narrative of tainted love marked by emotional struggle on “Silence’s Slight.” As the bass line rings behind coded bars of introspection and a sweetly moody hook, the visual depicts moments of Phate hopping trains in the Netherlands, Germany, and France, something he actually did, while his distant lover goes off the rails in a tragic drug spiral in his absence. This level of thought provoking rap with his solo efforts is a clear sign that Asphate and the Des Moines circles deserve a look right now for their thought provoking storytelling and impactful imagery. Roll up and watch this Clear Haze Creative directed first offering of what will likely be one of more exclusives from the Mid-West artist on Daily Chiefers.



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