Premiere: Blake Saint David Gets Personal On Their Self Produced Single, “Don’t Come Back”


Blake Saint David first hit our radar after working with other buzzing artists on the scene, such as Family Reunion and HateSonny, which saw the eclectic Chicago artist experiment with groovy pop and rap energies. Today however, we are proud to present a Daily Chiefers exclusive track titled, “Don’t Come Back”, which finds Blake entering a darker realm of rap, singing, and production all together. The song paints their story of overcoming harsh conditions growing up, and trying to stay afloat amidst the bullshit life is often filled with. This is definitely Blake’s most somber and intimate offering to date, which makes it one of their best as well-hit play on “Don’t Come Back” below and be on the lookout for more magic from them this summer! You can catch a live performance alongside Family Reunion and VICTOR! on July 14th in Waukegan by purchasing your tickets here.



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