Premiere: Lil Peep – Doubt Me ft. Eddy Baker (prod. SMOKEASAC)



Lil Peep and Eddy Baker just dropped a track on a fire SMOKEASAC beat entitled “Doubt Me,” and honestly for all of us at Daily Chiefers, this is a dream collab. We’ve been posting Eddy Baker now for about 5 years, and Lil Peep for awhile too. Personally, Lil Peep is one of favorite artists out right now. I love his self-deprecating attitude. This song is different than what Peep usually puts out, because as he gets bigger, his sound and style will change with him. It’s very similar to what happened to Tyler, The Creator. He used to talk about being sad and depressed and broke, and now he talks about still being sad and depressed but with more money.

Eddy Baker on this track was super cool to hear too, because he really adhered to Peep’s sound really well. I love when two amazing underground artists collab, because it’s like a listening to a fusion dance from Dragon Ball Z. Eddy’s style is very different from Peep’s for the most part, but hearing the two on a track is so fucking refreshing. Eddy Baker’s verse on “Doubt Me” is super fucking clean, as he usually is. He never disappoints.

Perhaps my favorite part of this whole entire song is the production from SMOKEASAC, purely because he puts the pro in production. He worked with Lil Peep on his HellBoy EP, and it shows on “Doubt Me.” He makes beats that compliment Lil Peep’s voice, but also anyone who has ever been on a SMOKEASAC produced track has never sounded bad in the slightest. That alone is a quality of a fantastic producer. I don’t want to drag this on any longer than I should, because I could go on forever. I’d like to present to you all, “Doubt Me.” Stream below!



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