Premiere: Michael Casper Shows Off His Artistry on the Debut Video For, “Teenage Apathy”


Not much is known about this mysterious LA-based artist… other than that he made an incredible song.Coming out swinging, Michael Casper proved with his debut track, “teenage apathy”, that he’s a serious artist with the skill to take it all the way. Seeped in a drifting guitar loop and melancholic drums, Casper speaks on the fickleness of young romance and the curse of being caught in it.

Overall, Michael’s ability to channel the feelings of ‘young love’ so effortlessly creates an atmosphere of truth for the track that feeds into a connection he builds with every listener that finds their way to this emerging gem. By expanding on the pure creative energy expressed through the song, Michael Casper and director, Eddie Mandell, work together to produce a video that is both visually fresh and that completely fits to the vibes of the track by accentuating the hauntingly seductive nature of this alternative R&B/bedroom pop record. The dark and sultry essence of a lonely picnic capture reality with stunning clarity. Just go see for yourself above.


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