Premiere: Michael Da Vinci’s In His Bag In New Video For “Get Money/What It Seems”


“It’s The House biiiiitch!” Chattanooga native Michael Da Vinci, member of Tennessee collective The House (featuring members such as YGTUT, Isaiah Rashad and more), is known for his charismatic deliveries and lyrical prowess. Today, he is showing that off in full force by blessing us with the premiere of his official video for “Get Money/What It Seems”.

As the Depth Visual-directed flick begins, you feel the bass drop from Park Ave’s booming production and you know you’re in for a treat. Mikey is dripped out in a signature flannel and Bilionaire Boys t-shirt that gives you a sense of tiptoeing on the edge of breaking out, which is the vibe this song and visual really portrays. As Da Vinci dances around a commercial kitchen with his apron on he laments about “Tryna turn this lemonade from lemons, I guess life been that way”. Mikey effortlessly raps us around in circles and you really get a taste for the life he is not only living, but pursuing as well. Needless to say we are excited for what is to come next. Do yourself a favor and watch “Get Money/What It Seems” above!


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