Premiere: Reese – Take Your Time ft. Meraki



The ever so talented Reese just dropped off a Baeraki backed track in “Take Your Time,” and to say the least, this song is a panty dropper.

Reese just has one of those silky smooth voices that are so mesmerizing. “Take Your Time” has a VERY sensual, sexy theme to it. Having water.lo produce this was a grand slam, because he has worked with both of these artists before, so he knows what works best with their styles, vocal ranges, etc. Reese is still relatively new to the Milwaukee scene, but even so, his talent surpasses many. The amount of delicacy that he places into his word choice and rhythm in the song is really interesting. Listen for how he dances around the beat in the chorus, it’s a really cool way of singing. Anyway, check out the track below and enjoy!



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