PREMIERE: Ric Wilson – Love, Ric



Ric Wilson hit my email a couple weeks back and as always, I had to do my research. 

Coming from Chicago, Ric Wilson is quickly making a name for himself which saying something due to the fact there is incredible¬†talent coming out of the Chi. Not only does he create art, he’s also a self-proclaimed “prison abolitionist,” something you don’t find that often, but at the same time, is what gives Ric that true substance that we’re are all truly yearning for.

His ultimate goal is to make a lasting impact on the global black communities, dedicating his life to something more meaningful than rap. Something we should all be thinking about, instead of admiring the chains that hang around someone’s neck.

But that’s where Ric comes in. Like so many from Chicago, Ric is trying to make the best of his music, with true meanings and value. Hence my excitement for this premiere. Giving us the green-light for the exclusive, Ric returns to DC pages with the beautifully eccentric Valentine Day’s single, “Crazy Baby.” Stream the single below, and make sure you peep out his latest single “Lone Pools.”



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