Premiere: Rising Crooner Norman Perry Provides His Sensual New Video For “She”


When it comes to vocalists, it’s been well documented that Connecticut artist, Norman Perry is one of the top prospects in the game. Citing his ridiculous vocal range, genius songwriting and his ability to switch gears at any moment, Perry has become a fan-favorite in the last year or so. Doubling down on his newfound success, he releases the sensual video for his recently released single, “She.”

Directed by Trevor Browning, the video starts off by taking place in a run down strip motel. Following a young woman, who’s obviously troubled, she meets with a man at the motel, where the continue to get wasted… only it was a set up. Shortly after, the man is passed out and the woman promptly gathers his belongings and takes his car to the hills, to meet Perry. From there, the video just moves freely, as Perry & the woman move through the hills, placing an artistic face to this already intriguing record.

With this serving as his first official video of 2020, it seems that Perry is setting the mood just right for a takeover this year. Stay tuned to see our coverage on it and watch the video for, “She” below.


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