Prentiss Is Paving His Lane For Greatness With His Newest Visuals For “I’ll Do It Again”


Prentiss is a very talented adolescent that separates himself from the rest with his vivid songwriting ability. It’s wild that someone his age can make such a tumultuously emotional cut such as “I’ll Do It Again” because the subject matter is some heavy shit. We see him in that good FELT in a number of scenes pouring his heart out onto the page, but he delivers a confident storm.

With direction from Always Aden Films, the overcast skies mesh incredibly well with Prentiss’ wave. To be perfectly honest, this kid just seems like he wants to be happy and make music. More artists should simply focus on that as opposed to a numbers grab or a viral moment. With production from dxnnyfxntom, the world is gifted an honest opus, up close and personal.

To see where this kid is going is awesome, his development should be a treat for all to see. Until the next set of waves, stream this gas below.


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