R.T.R Jae Leads the Youth With “2023”


It’s always a great day when I discover great music. It’s an even better day when that specific song is stuck in my head for hours on end, weeks even. More specifically, I’m referring to R.T.R Jae’s single “2023,” which perfectly represents how capable the youth is with this music scene. 

Coincidentally enough, I discovered this song from TikTok while I was doom scrolling and this is the song that stuck out to me out of anything else I’ve heard. The glo-inspired production with Jae’s intense wordplay are a match made in heaven. The playful yet engaging flow has me bopping my head the entire song.

As artists come and go, R.T.R Jae is one that will stick around and should be on your radar, exhibiting excitement from his entire catalog, creating catchy hooks and potential that no one has as of now.


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