Rich Amiri Drops Much Needed EP “Chase”


Boston native Rich Amiri drops this much needed EP “Chase”. Over the past few months Rich has been picking up tracking due to his TikTok and songs like “Walk In” but this project brings him to another level. Being able to get hype or pour his emotions onto a beat it’s clear what he wanted to do with this one. Giving us six tracks with one feature from SSGKobe it’s exactly what the fans needed right now.

Starting off with “Never Fail” and ending with “Later Not Bye” the placement of each track was clearly thought out which is one of the many reasons that Rich is able to stand out. Having this wicked unique voice he’s mastered the skill of using it perfectly to create captivating melodies. While what Rich did was amazing we can’t overlook the production from Internet Money producers Rio Leyva and Malikaix8 just to name two. In every single song you can hear the emotion and passion put into each lyric. This EP is just the beginning of what will be an amazing career for Rich Amiri. Listen on SoundCloud now but all DSP’s soon. 



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