Rising Atlanta Artist BOREGARD. Drops Off His Eclectic New Project, “Silence Of The Lamb”


Hip-Hop is as broad a spectrum as it’s ever been at the moment. On one end, you can enjoy artists like the Griselda camp, who take bars extra seriously and rhyme over loops, while on the other end, there’s cats like Jasiah, who tip toe right on the line between Punk Rock and Hip-Hop. The beautiful part of it all, is that there are also artists that are directly in the middle, placing an emphasis on meaningful lyrics while still having fun melodically. Hailing from Atlanta, rising rapper, BOREGARD. is one of those artists, and he proves it emphatically on his new project, Silence Of The Lamb.

Utilizing infectious interpolations (such as the DBZ, “Final Form” introduction on, “Cell 2”) with clever lyrics and ingenious melodic instincts, BOREGARD. floats through the 13-tracks on the project to showcase all of his inspirations. One of the more interesting things about BOREGARD., is how much color he has in his music. He uses contagious sounds and instruments to help bring the music to life. Having already received a co-sign from the city’s most colorful artists in Earthgang, after his viral hit, “Beyonce Knows,” it seems that the city is beginning to take notice as well.

Another thing that I thought was intriguing about the project, is how he stays local when gathering his features. Now in Atlanta, local can mean the Migos, so let me clarify. He tapped in with the buzzing underground scene in ATL, recruiting artists like Johnny Apollo, New Rome Cliff, Nai Br.XX and Wiley From Atlanta. On, “Meantime,” BOREGARD. and Nai go back and forth about relationships over crazy production, with Nai giving perhaps the best vocal feature on the project. While on the track, “Warning,” BOREGARD. connects with Wiley to deliver the best individual song on there.

With a set of co-signs, decent features and an impressive full length project, it seems like 2020 is destined to be a defining one for BOREGARD. Check out his project, Silence Of The Lamb, below and get familiar with the ATLien.


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