Rising Cleveland Rapper Freshie Unleashes His Energetic New Album, “Bad Behavior”


The ways that Hip-Hop has evolved over the decades, is one of the more interesting things to study. What started off as literally rhyming one-two bars over record scratches and human beat-boxers, has now blossomed into a countless amount of sub-genres that can satisfy even the most pretentious of tastes. Taking advantage of the more aggressive, concert-ready region of Rap, rising Cleveland artist, Freshie continues his impressive year with his new project, Bad Behavior.

Consisting of an appropriate 13-tracks, Bad Behavior is an impressive full length from Freshie that sees him emphatically establish his sound. Instead of playing around in a bunch of different pockets, Freshie keeps you consistently entertained by going 100 miles per hour, and never looking back. With only two features — Foreign Jay and Tobbs — he opts for being the singular star of the show, though it might not matter, as his energy is too apparent to be overshadowed.

As for standout tracks on the album, “Regular Guy,” “Time Zone” and the projects single, “Clickbait,” will come alive as early favorites, but it might be, “Stick With It,” that prevails in the end. Showcasing a culmination of everything that’s been spoken before, he unites all of his talents on this bonafide banger. Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with the Cleveland sensation.


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