Riverkinn And Joei Razook Join Forces Once Again For The Final Installment Of The “Dead Leaves” Series


Dead Leaves 3 is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re into passionate, grim-sounding music. Both River and Razook are Dayton, Ohio-natives, but their music has spread to a number of countries around the world. Russia loves River and he’s going to recieve more brownie points with those weird Europeans who live in the cold.

People seem to forget is that River is a underground maestro. His production skills are quite unique and he sustains his versatility each year. Then to add young Joei Razook to this madness only exerts more brooding emotions. Songs like “Solutions” and “Ways” are personal favorites, but each of these four tracks moves your mind to another place.

Razook is pushed to his best by Riverkinn, and they always put out a great piece of art together. With the vocals raspy, yet soothing, this project is unlike anything you’ve heard before, tap in with these two below.


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