Roadrunner TB Shows And Proves With His Newest Project Entitled “Dark Clouds”


TB has a great deal of momentum, but only grows with each release he gifts the world. His newest project Dark Clouds, is a rugged diary with each of these eleven cuts telling a different side of the story. The intro track sets things off in a serious manner, but instead of jumping right into chaos, TB chooses a more subtle approach. Cuts like “Extras”, “Bond Money” and “Chicken Talk, Pt. 3” each possess that unrelenting arrogance that we’ve come to know and love from the Roadrunner camp.

On the other side of the coin, I feel as if TB‘s more heartfelt records telling of his past make the listener procure a stronger feeling. “J Pay” and “Buddy Story 2 (Lil Zoe’s Side)” are two of the most powerful songs on this project. He’s a storyteller but doesn’t get cringe or corny when delivering his sermon. With a couple of features from another Cincy cornerstone, Roadrunner Savy, Los, Dee Rogers, and Juvie2xx, each of these features makes sense and only adds to the fluidity of the project.

With so much pavement ahead of TB and the gang, it’s only a matter of time until the world catches onto the mission. This project is brilliance from Evanston, shining a light on what he goes through to educate others on his story. He’s rose above his situation and shows you that you can do it too, so tap into this gas below.


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