Undiscovered Gems: Roddy Rackzz and OTR Chaz Showcase Their Chemistry On “Don’t Forget Me”


Roddy Rackzz and OTR Chaz are two of Baltimore rap’s leading lights, and they’ve shown real chemistry as collaborators since first connecting for the 2019 regional hit “Get In Dere.” After many months of bonding over their shared affinity for brisk melodies and fast money, Roddy and Chaz recently released their first joint project, the aptly named 6 Pack EP.

“Don’t Forget Me” is an early standout from 6 Pack. It’s always satisfying to hear two young rappers trading bars and piggybacking off each other’s ideas in a way that feels genuinely spontaneous. Plenty of artists exchange features over email, but with Roddy and Chaz, you can tell they were in the room together. As Chaz himself points out, “This shit so organic.” Check out the Clay Stackks-directed visual below.


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