Roll Up and Read: A Review of Curren$y’s New Album


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Grab your lighters, and probably hit your weed man up, because we’re about to review Curren$y’s new album Canal St. Confidential.

The kush consuming, underground rap artist known as the “Hot Spitta” dropped his second album of the year in early December, which is somewhat rare considering his usual route of mixtapes. Regardless of prior patterns, stoners around the world surely rejoiced over the news of an early Christmas present from the New Orleans emcee.

Canal St. Confidential comes with a solid 13 song tracklist, including features like Future, Wiz and Lil Wayne. The record with Wayne — and August Alsina, titled “Bottom of The Bottle,” was the main single for the project and was accompanied by a music video as well. For the most part, Curren$y stayed in his lane of chill vibrations and smoke songs, which have proven to keep his career very much afloat over the years.

Spitta’s new album comes with everything you expect when you think of Jet Life music, smooth and spacey instrumentation and an equally smooth flow layered on top, with a couple high energy bangers sprinkled in here and there. There are a few songs, however, where Curren$y experiments with more radio friendly sounds.

On “How High Ft Llyod”, and “What’s Up Ft K Camp” Spitta delivers a smoke filled love ballad to a female counter-part. And of course on the single “Bottom of The Bottle Ft Lil Wayne & August Alsina”, Curren$y dabbles a bit more in what could be considered a mainstream sound. Songs like this are to be expected on any studio album, so it should be to no surprise for listeners to hear this side of Spitta, though his core audience likely skimmed through songs like this in search of the signature Curren$y sound that brought him to fame. Songs like “Everywhere”, “Speed”, “Winning”, and “Cruzin…” are definitely the high points of the album. That’s that shit you spark up to.

Curren$y reminds us of his insane work-ethic throughout Canal St. Confidential, stating “excuses won’t start my Impala,” in “Speed” and insisting “you can get it if you do it how I show it” in “Boulders.” Really though, its become very clear that Spitta has no intention of ever slowing down the rate of speed that his music is coming out at.

Curren$y is one of those vibe rappers, the types of artists who don’t necessarily hit you with crazy or intricate lyrics, but have an authentic sound that they stick to, and Canal St. Confidential is just that. Another Jet Life vibe. The attempts to make sounds that may fit into the radio world more weren’t horrible, just felt a lot less original than the rest of the content on the album. However, it never felt that Spitta was compromising his own style on these tracks, as he was always maintaining the chill delivery and subject matter that he usually contributes to a song. Canal St. Confidential was another solid and predictable project from the Hot Spitta, giving the listener exactly what they would expect from Curren$y. Roll up, give it a listen, and attempt to keep up with the busy rapper from New Orleans.

Beats: 4/5

Lyrics: 3/5

Originality: 4/5

Cohesiveness: 3/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Written by Mike T.


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