Ronny J Delivers His Electric New Project “Charged Up”


The current state of modern music and production has a lot to do with Ronny J‘s influence. He has laid the groundwork as a producer but now he’s truly turned into a full-fledged artist. With his newest project called Charged Up, we are gifted fourteen new cuts that only push the Ronny J agenda.

With features from Ovi, Snow Banks, Strangehuman, X, and Wiz Khalifa, each cut only accents the others and flows flawlessly into the next. Of course, the production isn’t anything to scoff at, songs like “Take My Heart”, “Skybox” and “Nonstop” sear into your mind after the first listen. And after the first run-through from start to finish, a protruding theme is obviously top-tier energy.

What we loved to see the most was the collab with rising artist Snow Banks. Her vocal approach is so unique and the connection of this duo made for a top-tier Florida collaboration. Though there isn’t a cut that feels out of place, Ronny has shown the world time after time that he’s still a real pioneer of the game. He has consistently been a cornerstone of music for ten-plus years, so don’t sleep on this gas below.


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