Rot Ken Is A Star, Peep His Latest Visuals For “Never Bend”


Rot Ken is the rising crown prince of the South. His sound is rugged and refreshing making for a new wave like we’ve never witnessed before. This one was produced by Jetsonmade, Cxdy, Taz Taylor, 1st Class, Psilo, and Bak, so let’s just say it’s a star-studded lineup. The setting is pretty simple, rather than reach for a lavish budget that wouldn’t be real, these frames showcase Ken with his friends.

While the bros flash some American Sign Language behind him, Ken delivers an unwavering sermon. You can tell they’re not into the frills and glitz of the game, they want to show how they post around their way. Amidst a crowded game with an abundance of players, Rot Ken will continue to rise above the rest. Stream the gas below.


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