Rot Ken Is Truly The Best Thing Smoking, Peep His Newest Song “Baby Choppa”


There are acts in this industry who catch the eyes and ears of heavy hitters very early on. Though, developing these artists into names associated with longevity is not an easy feat. What does seem to ease my worried mind is that Rot Ken possesses an electric energy that you don’t see every day. His new visuals for “Baby Choppa”, directed by Man Films, aren’t overtly complicated by any means. Instead they just showcase Ken with the gang flaunting their legally acquired and possessed firearms.

With production by Jetsonmade, Neeko Baby, Psilo, and Pillgrim, it seems like it’d be pretty difficult to fuck that up. Ken shines above the rest and is really in a league of his own. As time moves on and another Internet Money championship plaque is hung from the rafters, we are gifted some brilliant music yet again. Until the next batch of gas, stream this shit above.


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