SahBabii Returns From His Hiatus With The Album “Do It For Demon”


SahBabii is a champion of the people and he returns just in time to save us all. Do It For Demon is dedicated to his fallen friend and it seems as if this young man evolved a bit since Barnacles. Yeah, bars about buttholes are still included in this compilation of twenty songs, but you can hear another wave of aggression and hunger. Throughout this thing, you’ll witness Sah‘s gentle tone intermingled with brilliant production that thrives on two-step hi-hats. These auditory pockets in between his vocals and the percussion allow the listener to be taken to another atmosphere.

We get that twenty songs is a lot to digest, but this young man keeps your focus from start to finish. Cuts that blow me away are “Believe It”, “Jody Kurosaki” and “App Cap” but there isn’t one that throws off the momentum of the entire project. It’s all about finding the happy medium between introspection and raunchy, quintessential rap lyrics.

SahBabii is well on the way to cementing his legacy even more than it already is. He’s interesting from not only a music perspective, but his enigmatic stature draws us in as well. He’s not trying to be in our spotlight constantly but pops out when the time is right. The world doesn’t understand this greatness yet, and that’s okay because SahBabii has a real following now. Even past that cult category, we love his wave, stream this one below.


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