SAIAH and Tom the Mail Man Link Up To Bend the Rules on “Cheater”


SAIAH has been on an incredible trajectory as of late, and if you’ve ever tuned into their music it’s easy to see why. Effortlessly weaving between genre-influences, while always finding a way to remain cohesive and signature to themselves, SAIAH has yet to deliver a record that’s anything less than enthralling. Their newest drop “Cheater”, featuring Atlanta’s Tom the Mail Man is a splendid first step into what feels like a new era of the Arizona/Pittsburgh native’s music. The dive into a more alternative type of sound feels like a polishing of vibes they have explored in the past, and the contribution from Tom really helps to elevate the record in that realm. Here’s to hoping there’s more like this around the corner, cause this shit is about to be stuck on repeat!


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