Saint Lyor Is Next Up, Peep His New EP Entitled “If My Sins Could Talk”


If you aren’t aware of the good people over at Van Buren Records, its time you tap all the way in. During these trying times, plaguing us with self-doubt and the unwavering pandemic, we need an opus with brilliance to free our minds. These 11 cuts are not only a crazy introduction to Saint Lyor and his variety of talents, but it’s adding another stellar project to the Van Buren catalog.

First off, “Gossip” was my favorite song of 2019 and I’m truly glad that they included it on here. The sample is so pleasing to the ear, it’s damn near impossible to be upset when it drops. Then “FBI (interlude)” is a sick way to follow the energy and continue momentum. It’s a smooth cut but still causes us to move around a bit. Then into “Aunt Jemima”, which the single and it’s visuals we’re released a few days ago, truly setting the tone for this EP.

“Sweet” is assessing Lyor‘s surroundings and those who can be trusted on his soon to be come up. The bass bellows and distorts our thoughts along with his cadence in a great way. The only feature on this project is from Luke Bar$, another Van Buren representative who dropped a killer project earlier this year called GoodEvil. These two trade lyrical blows on “LESS FRIENDS MORE BANDZ” and it’s an electric song full of chaos.

Overall this entire project’s common theme is unfiltered energy and talent. Unapologetic confidence atop stunning production is where we’ve learned Saint Lyor thrives. We love what we heard and we chose to write about it, stream Lyor‘s staggering debut below.

“This is shit ain’t an image, it’s a story that I’m telling”


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